Tuesday, May 14, 2013

YES - Raymond Weil!

Okay, I am lucky.  When I go to Rayond Weil I get TWO amazing people to show me around the both and share the latest creations!
So not only did PR person extraordinaire Taly Ozir take time out of a crazy day, but Dan Lewis (guru of all things Raymond Weil) popped in to put the watches through their paces and gave me all the background I could ever want.  Now I did get to see A LOT of cool things, but there is almost always one piece in particular that sort of winks at you - and this was no exception!
This is the Maestro form Raymond Weil.  Apologies in advance, my photographic skills truly do not do this justice.  The detail of the dial, and the interplay of the hands make this really a joy to read.  It is available is stainless steel (as pictured) with either a leather strap or stainless steel bracelet.  Also available in a pvd finish.

As you can see from the first photo of this stunner on my wrist the fit is perfect, or to quote a certain blond travel writer famous for her review of the "Casa de Tres Bears" Bed and Breakfast - "this one is just right!"

Sadly, they don't tend to give out "free samples" at BaselWorld, but Taly was able to ease the pain of separation with lunch in the Raymond Weil restaurant.  No, this was not a "sausage in the round" in the Hall 2 outdoor space!  No this is literally a restaurant with a set four course menu on the top floor of the Raymond Weil booth.

More from Raymond Weil to come - stay tuned!


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