Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wrapping it Up Here Boss!

Okay, today was my final day, and I did NOT spend it in Basel.  Instead, I visited a company, and then spent the rest of the day in Lucerne.

So what was BaselWorld like this year?  Well the usual, most appointments made, a few missed - that is the way of BaselWorld.  It will never go 100% according to plan.

So who were the stand outs?  Well as you have (by now) ascertained, I am a bit of a romantic.  And while I love watches, I am often more intrigued by the people behind them.

So to the Girard-Perregaux/JEANRICHARD team - you guys SO ROCK!  Thank you for two wonderful presentations!  Paul - I owe you dinner.

Concord - once again so UNBELIEVABLY professional!  Gives me something to aspire to!

Yasmina at Frederique Constant/Alpina - the patron saint of PR/Communications people - you are far too patient and kind - but I promise not to take advantage!

Manon at Eterna/Porsche design - perhaps the prototype for PR - check this out, she actually LIKES PEOPLE ; )

To Peter and Marie-Louise Roberts - get ready for Greatness!

To West End Watch Co. - I think you are ready to show the US some interesting things - if of course you're willing ; )

Anonimo - just remember, "haters gotta hate", but stick with your plan, I think this could be a real opportunity to breath life into  the brand.

Theresa at Omega - words fail me, you are far too generous.

To Martin Braun - love the movement - and I promise to drop 20 pounds before we see each other again ; )

To Beat and Cail at ochs und junior - thank you as always!  I look forward to seeing the evolution from "Tintin blue" to rouge (stay tuned).

Dan and Tally at Raymond Weil - thank you for reminding me why I like to work with PEOPLE!

Gustavo at Tutima - thank you sincerely for making the time, I truly appreciate it and am glad to see your success!

Fonderie 47, thank you for taking part in our first annual award - and let's see who the winner will be in 2014.

Frank Geelen, thank you for writing as well as you do.

Patrik Sj√∂gren - AMAZING WATCHES!  I have had a "heart to heart" with my piggy bank!

Charris Yadigaroglou - another fantastic communicator and brand ambassador - MB&F is lucky to have you.

Angus - thank you for reminding me that although blog is spelled with 4 letters, it is not a dirty word!

Carlo and Samuel Naldi - thank you for reminding me what true friendship feels like.

There will, of course, be plenty more BaselWorld posts, but my bag is packed, flight checked in for, and one more meeting tomorrow morning!  That's BaselWorld - foot to the floor!  

Morpheus beckons - good night!

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