Sunday, May 5, 2013

What's Cool at BaselWorld?

That is the question I keep getting asked. Well, right up there were the watches that
GoS Watches brought and Patrik Sjögren talked to me about.
Originally GoS utilized a Unitas hand-wound movement as the basis for their watches, but they have started to utilize some of the creations from the workshops of Martin Braun and Antoine Martin.
The dials feature Damascus steel, and you will note that the back of the movements feature a similar look and finish.  Here is how GoS describes it:

Metallurgy with ancient history
Pattern welded steel or Damascus steel is a technique that has been used for more than thousand years. It is believed to have been independently developed by different civilizations around the world.
Metal working has a long history in Sweden and the Vikings were among the first cultures to develop a pattern welding technique to make their swords superior to others.

The processing techniques developed during this time in Scandinavia improved the tool making as well as the iron culture in the world. The hot forging of the sword material and quenching it to hold the martensite structure was a main technique in achieving the superior qualities of the sword. It is said that the Vikings quenched the forged swords in beer and even read the fortunes of the lines that were formed. The sword was not just an instrument of war. It represented national as well as an individual pride, protection of the nearest, honor, and above all it was a symbol of heroism.  Another result of pattern welded steel is that a nice pattern appears in the steel , when slightly etched in acid, or when the patina of using it a long time shows on the surface of the steel. The picture on the left is a genuine Viking sword dated from the 10th century.
The press were quite attentive and I was lucky to get a little bit of time with Patrik and get a close up and personal view of the Nordic Seasons Winter - my personal favorite, as well as several other pieces of the collection.

So for those of you who want to know "What was cool?"  GoS Watches, without a doubt!

And having lived for nearly four years in Finland, and being a huge fan of Sweden, I have a good feeling about GoS!  Patrik and his partner Johan Gustafsson are onto something really great!

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