Monday, May 6, 2013

WATCHe at BaselWorld

So up on the third floor of the Ramada, Luc Pellaton, the man behind WATCHe was on hand to show me his creation.  This is the We3S.

So forget about an iWatch - this is something real! It is mechanical, and can either mount to your wrist -

And these are not some cheesy mass produced trinket - no sir! These are all proudly crafted in Switzerland. And moreover, they are truly mechanical.

But what else would you expect from a native son of La chaux-de-fonds? Mr. Pellaton, the grandson of watch maker Eugène Pellaton, wanted a truly mechanical timekeeper that drew on design elements rooted in computing, mechanics and good old school watch making.  To this end Luc assembled a dream team to help bring his idea to life: designer Gilles Antoniazzo,  graphic designer Anou2, Centagora Sàrl and subcontractors Buri S.A. - Créchard Mécanique.
Courtesy of Luc Pellaton
And as you can see, this wonderful watch can be removed from its strap and attached to your iPhone, or vice versa!

Approximately 46 hours of power reserve - this is COOL!!!!!
So honestly, do you really want an iWatch when you can have something as great as this?
I know my answer!  Thank you Mr. Pellaton for making something as good as this!

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