Monday, May 13, 2013

The Tangente - Truth in Advertising

So now a little over a week into my review of the NOMOS Glashütte Tangente  what I have been particularly impressed with has been the simple joy I get in wearing this watch. 

It has got to be one of the smoothest winding watches I have worn in some time.  The layout of the dial is pleasingly straight forward - hours, minutes and sub-seconds.  More about design and layout tomorrow, but for now I have to say that the first week has been taken up with the operation of the watch - and operation seems far too technical and harsh a term.  It has really been in many ways a rediscovery of what the relationship between a watch and the watch wearer should be.  No fussiness, no need to ensure that the power reserve has dropped too far, because you wind it with your own hand each morning.  No worries about whether or not it "goes with" your outfit, because let's face it, it goes with pretty much everything.

So with the arrival of the Tangente I have found myself dipping into the NOMOS Encyclopaedia.  And I came across this passage -

Things that NOMOS customers most frequently complain about
NOMOS watches apparently tick quite accurately.  They don't break down very often and they make their wearers almost perfectly happy...  

With a week and some change under my belt, I can confirm this sentiment.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, it does go on to site that the two most frequent complaints regard the straps - but the complaints are actually confirmation of the quality of the straps and the materials that they are made from.  It is still a bit too early to go into detail on my experience with the strap, but that will be coming on Thursday.

And in terms of accuracy, we have improved a little over the week, and the average deviation is currently +5 seconds.  

Stay tuned!

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