Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Love or Money?

Okay, hopefully I've got your attention.  For the next little while, I want to take as many chances as I can to talk about people not only in the watch industry, but in fashion, etc. who are in it for love, not for money.

Today I will kick things off with watches - and as is often the case here at Tempus Fugit we turn to Lucerne and ochs und junior.

Courtesy of ochs und junior

Take an incredibly talked-about, world famous watch designer like Ludwig Oechslin.  Add one of the most informed, sharpest eyes in the retail sector of watches - Beat Weinmann.  You get ochs und junior.

Well, not to say I know either of them very well, but I can tell you that my sense of things is that this is indeed a labor of love.

Prices are not low, but by the same token they are not astronomical - at least not for the tinta watches.  You also get an experience - providing you are visiting the store in Lucerne.  Beat, or Cail will serve you an espresso or a unique tonic water while you take your time looking through your options.  And I think that this is (again, as I perceive it) the trending concept of ochs und junior - bespoke.  Yes, there is still the innovation of the complications - the distillation of the complicated to the essential.  But really what I see and sense is the ability to take that complication, and make it your own in terms of color - make something that is YOUR watch.

One man's take anyway.

But more than anything, I am convinced that this is for love because frankly it would be easy to cut corners, do it cheaper in greater volume.  But I don't get the feeling that is on anyone's agenda at ochs und junior.  It's not every watch company that invites you into their "living room" and lets you play with the various parts of the watch face to assemble your dream watch over coffee.  They are, at the heart, romantics.  And it's hard not to be romantic about watches.

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