Wednesday, May 1, 2013

JEANRICHARD's Terrascope at BaselWorld

So I got to see the sights at JEANRICHARD and today I bring you the Terrascope novelties, available in three different flavors -
The cases are the standard stainless steel - there was a bit of shadow so I apologize for the dark appearance of the case on this green one.
 Green, brown and what is referred to as "Aubergine" - my personal favorite!
I was also lucky that the man himself came in to hold forth on all things JEANRICHARD -

COO Bruno Grande held forth on the new direction of JEANRICHARD with their new collections including fantastic new case platform that they are using.  Essentially a single case platform for several different models (the others we will be discussing in the coming days).  What is truly exciting about this is the flexibility it gives in manufacturing.  Again - more about that later, but for now enjoy those Terrascopes!

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