Saturday, May 4, 2013

15 Days with the NOMOS Glashütte Tangente

Friday - was that only yesterday?  Woke up at 6:00 AM in Lucerne, got cleaned up, finished packing, a quick bite to eat, and down to the train station. 
A quick stop in Zug - which by the way I HIGHLY recommend, it is SOOOO beautiful!  An espresso shared with Samuel Naldi, and a visit to Style of Zug.  If you are in the area, make a point of visiting!  Then back on the train and off to the airport at Zurich.  Got my suitcase dropped, currency converted, through security, passport control 1, on the "mini train/shuttle",  passport control 2, and on the flight.  So after a 12 + hour flight, I arrived in LAX - 33 minutes in line for passport control, got my bag, then got in a 500 person plus line to go through customs.  And maybe you can explain to me WHY on earth you would try to bring 100 kilos of tropical fruit on a commercial flight as part of your checked baggage?!?!?  Add 45 minutes to the "waiting time".

Got through customs with 20 minutes to spare before my connecting flight to Santa Barbara.  Got to the place to check my bag (i.e. connecting flights) and they REFUSED to take it, telling me that I would have to take the bag all the way down to THE OTHER END of the ENTIRE AIRPORT and check it through at the main check in area - which is sort of counter-intuitive to the whole idea of checking a bag all the way through...


So I grab a cab for the 1/2 mile ride - having to pay $25 for the "service".  Run the bag up to deposit it to check through, and get:
"Sir, you have to check your bag at least 45 minutes in advance of your flight.  It says this on your ticketing information!"

Really?  No kidding?  I took a deep breath, thanked them for the "helpful" feedback and explained that in fact I was delayed due to the international connection.  Made it through security screening in record time, did the "OJ Simpson through LAX's main area, and could swear I heard a young boy shout:
"Go Juice, Go!" as I ran past ; )

Made it to the gate with five minutes to spare, 20 minute flight home, met Wendy at the gate, filed missing bag report, and home, to find... something waiting for me from Glashütte -
Courtesy of NOMOS Glashütte
15 days with the NOMOS Glashütte Tangente starts now.  Suddenly, it was all worthwhile!

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