Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Watch Industry and the Transfer Window - Eterna

And this morning I woke up to the announcement that the top two members of Eterna's management team have resigned.  This is the announcement from Eterna -

Eterna: renewal at the top

The Board of Directors hereby gives notice, that it has accepted the resignation of its CEO Mr. Patrick Kury.

Vice president David Vallata has also announced his resignation.

Samir Merdanovic, currently Eterna Technical Director, is named Vice President and in charge of day-to-day operations.
Courtesy of  Eterna
Recruitment of a new CEO is proceeding but China Haidian intends to take the time to find the ideal person for the post.

While of course this is business, I am sad to read this news.  Eterna was really starting to turn around - producing a coherent collection, and the an exciting new movement that will undoubtedly be the launching pad to something even better.  And what I think is easy to forget in all of the noise is that the Spherodrive in many ways IS Patrick Kury - remember, he was the head of engineering.

Whether the watch world is happy about it or not, we must remind ourselves that this is business.  To quote Mr. Cronkite -

"And that's the way it is".

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