Friday, April 26, 2013

The Trouble with Rumors

We all love rumors.  Anyone in the watch industry or anyone who follows the watch industry who claims that they don't enjoy a juicy rumor is either a liar, or boring - or both!

A week or so ago, I wrote on the current state of the "unknown" surrounding Anonimo.  there had been a great deal of rumors.  Everyone was convinced that the company was dead, on the road to ruination, taken over by "evil-doers" who didn't understand Anonimo's fans - couldn't possibly in a million years.

My own comment was that the brand that was proudly made in Firenze was now made in Switzerland.

Well today found me sitting down with two of the new people guiding Anonimo and getting the rest of the story, and suffice it to say - Anonimo will have some changes - but will still in many ways be the same Anonimo.

Courtesy of Anonimo
This is the new iteration  of the Militare.  You might notice some similarities, and the one key difference that I noticed was that unlike its predecessors the crown has been moved from 6 o'clock to 12 o'clock.  The Sales and Marketing Director Guilhem Pezet explained to me that this was a more natural, and efficient location for the crown.  He also took pains to explain to me that the cases were STILL made in Italy as they had always been, but that the final assembly was taking place in Switzerland.  And in many ways I think that this is a very good thing.  If we are very honest about it (even those of us who love all things Anonimo), the one area where quality was sometimes lacking was in the final assembly - movement/mechanical issues were for many folks the "Achilles heel" of the prior Anonimos - but we all loved the cases and the Kodiak straps.  So to look at it from another perspective you still get:

  1. The Italian made cases in the two classic styles
  2. The case is still made in Italy
  3. Although the prototypes do not have them, I was informed that there is a strong possibility that the Kodiak straps will be brought back.
  4. They are made (i.e. assembled) in Switzerland using the same type of movements that the original Anonimo used.
Courtesy of Anonimo 
And this is the Sailor.  It is also available as a limited edition version for the Leopard Trek cycling team.
So I am very pleased to tell you that the rumors of Anonimo's demise have been greatly exaggerated!

Long live Anonimo!


  1. So, who are the two new people guiding Anonimo???

  2. These new Anonimos look like old man watches. Appreciate the improvement on quality but the crown at 12 and the old style dial will not make me buy the Swiss made version. Better buy the remaining existing watches as they will be as rare as the PreV Panerai watches. Very unfortunate news.