Monday, April 15, 2013

The Terrascope - Five Days in

So I am now five days in with my review of JEANRICHARD's Terrascope.  And as I said in an earlier post, the comfort of the watch is really one of the most notable aspects so far.
Now I know what all of the "gear-heads" out there are going to say - "Big deal, what about the movement?"  "How deep will it go?", etc.

And yes, these are valuable questions, and we will get to them.  BUT - how often have you longed for a steel sport watch only to wear it for a few days, thinking to yourself "I just need to get used to it"?

As any good shoemaker will tell you, if the shoe is uncomfortable when you first try it on, it is not likely to "break in" and feel as good as if you had the right size in the first place.  Well, the same is true for watches.  If the watch is out of proportion for the bracelet (or vice versa), if the clasp is unwieldy, if the case is overwhelmingly large (or seems visibly too small) that is not a feeling or perception that will likely go away in the short-term.  But as I said in an earlier post - this one feels just right.  Yes, the case is substantial at 46 mm.  But because of the case design, it looks and feels like a reasonably sized watch.

How can that be?  Thoughtful design, of course!  The case and bezel are somewhat "stepped" in their profile.  Yes, the lower portion of the case is 46 mm, but the solid bezel is smaller and sits atop the lower case.  Even with this "two layer" design - it does not look like a botched horological "wedding cake".  This is due to the smooth and rounded lines of the design of the case and the bracelet - like the Le Corbusier house in La Chaux-de-Fonds (just up the hill from the GP headquarters), there is hardly a straight line in it - and I mean that as a good thing!  Let's face some facts, the human wrist is not exactly a "level playing field", and for this reason I still find it baffling that some many watches are made each year presuming just the opposite - that our wrists must be as flat as a tortilla!  And this is where we come back to comfort - comfort with a large wrist watch, that actually FEELS GOOD to wear!  You don't have to conform to the watch - because it was designed to conform to you - what a crazy idea!

And so that you know, the watch functions pretty well - +3 seconds deviation so far ; )

More to come, stay tuned!

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