Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Pen Is Mightier!

I am very proud to announce the creation of a new award to recognize significant community contributions by members of the watch industry.  The ‘Writing Wrongs’ Award will be awarded for the first time on Thursday, April 25th at the EDELBERG booth in the Ramada at BaselWorld. 

This past year, I announced the Tempus Fugit Initiative – a call to action for members of the watch industry to do more than merely write a check for a charitable contribution.  The goal of the Tempus Fugit Initiative is to help call attention to members of the watch industry who truly endeavor to change the lives of others in a positive, meaningful, and sustainable way.

I was joined in this mission by the father and son team behind EDELBERG Haute Manufacture, Carlo Naldi and his son Samuel.  Through their daily operations, they help prove that nothing is more powerful than an idea – even if sometimes that idea might need some help to express itself.  Carlo and Samuel recognized, as I do, that a story needs to be shared, and by sharing that story we can help people working to heal a broken world.  The Naldis share my sincere desire to give these actions a voice, and to prove that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

This year we are very pleased to honor the work of Fonderie 47.  Fonderie 47 have set out on the rather daunting task of reducing the number of assault rifles and other small arms globally.  They have addressed this challenge by funding the destruction of over 30,000 assault rifles to-date.  In the process, they have dismantled these deadly machines and repurposed some of the components into beautiful pieces of jewelry and one of the most beguiling haute creations the world of horology has seen in some time: a watch they have named Inversion Principle. 
Courtesy of Fonderie 47
The very idea of taking an AK47 and repurposing it into an object of beauty is amazing in and of itself – but considering that this enterprise serves to fund the destruction of even more weapons and you can understand how Fonderie 47 was the unanimous choice for the inaugural ‘Writing Wrongs’ Award.
Courtesy of Fonderie 47
Inversion Principle, the new timepiece by Fonderie 47 announced earlier this year, was designed by Adrian Glessing, and developed and produced by David Candaux of Du Val Des Bois exclusively for Fonderie 47.   Peter Thum, who is a pioneer in this field, heads Fonderie 47.  Inversion Principle is a mechanical marvel with features including a jumping hour complication, a retrograde minutes display, a 3-minute flying tourbillon, and 2 power reserve indicators.  Available in white or red gold, and limited to 10 pieces of each color, each timepiece funds the destruction of 1,000 assault rifles in Africa upon purchase.   And to commemorate the transformation of weapon to time keeping wonder, a small piece of the metal recovered from a destroyed AK47 is employed to cap the ratchet wheel and can be viewed through the display back.

We welcome you to join us in honoring Fonderie 47 on Thursday, April 25th at 5:00 PM.  No RSVP required – just a desire to change the world!


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