Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thank You Bozeman Watch Company!

So every now and then, a watch company steps up and does something without seeking fanfare - they act not to seek a PR opportunity, they act out of conscience.  So today a reader forwarded me this message from the Bozeman Watch Company - so that you know, I am fairly certain that they did not send this out as a press release.  I have merely reprinted the text here.

Dear Friend 
Sometimes we honk our horns at other drivers, sometimes we aren't patient at the grocery store with slow clerks or unready shoppers, sometimes we mindlessly lash out at those we should be loving or respectful towards.  Most of the time these minor frustrations fall upon our neighbors, teachers, co-workers, suppliers and all are generally our American brothers and sisters.  We forget at times how we felt during 911, when we watched public safety, New Yorkers and Americans all over the country band together in unity and kinship to create goodwill and strength that hasn't been seen since the allies fought together in WWII. As many of you may know, over the years as a part of Bozeman Watch Company's culture, we have donated to many worthy charitable causes, causes in which we believe.  These have varied from supporting the Red Cross during wildfires in southern California, the victims and employees of the downtown Bozeman gas main explosion in 2008, the National Smokejumpers Association, Josh Beckett's Boston's Children's Hospital Fund raiser, Youth Dynamics of Montana, Predators Conservation, Snake River Watershed preservation and the list goes on. Some are to help people, some are to help our communities and some are to help our the earth on which we live.  
Nothing and I mean NOTHING should bring Americans and friends of America closer together than when innocent civilians, men, women and children are made victims of hateful  and evil causes.  What kind of Psychotic maniac does such a horrible and sinister act?
I typically do not ask or solicit charity and in general much more prefer just to donate on our own, however I am reaching out to you, our client's  today and asking all to consider purchasing any Bozeman Watch Company timepiece, by Monday next week and Bozeman Watch Company will donate 100% of the revenue to The One Fund (limited to 3 pieces/sales). This fund was set up by Boston's Mayor Tom Menino and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.  It is a 501C3 non for profit and many reputable and notable individuals are fund raising and donating to this fund.  You can read about it at

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