Monday, April 22, 2013

BaselWorld - Thunder Cats are GO!

This year's BaselWorld  promises to be one of the best yet, but on a personal level what I am really looking forward to is the actual time I will have WITHOUT appointments!  Yes, I have an appointment with everyone I wanted to see, but this year I have made a point of allowing for some actual "James time" throughout the days, so the result will hopefully be actual conversations with actual people about actual things rather than just the same old product run through!  In other words, actual content that might hopefully be actually worth reading!

I will be reporting daily starting Thursday. 

In particular I am looking forward to MB & F, Speake Marin, Auguste Reymond, OMEGA and also Tissot - I'm hoping to see one of their World Timers up close!

The nice thing about this is I will have more time to actually walk the halls and hopefully discover some new things - so stay tuned as I'm hoping to share some new/under appreciated things.

A visit to the ochsenspace is of course planned (likely more than one), and a visit to a nearby manufacture.

Thunder Cats are GO!!!!!!!

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