Monday, April 29, 2013

An Open Letter to the Watch Industry Executives

Dear Watch Industry Executives,

I write this letter tonight from Lucerne, Switzerland to inform you of the third phase of the Tempus Fugit Initiative.  The first phase is the Edelberg Writing Wrongs award which was presented this past Thursday to Fonderie 47.

The second phase is a partnership with a wonderful watch brand and a very worthy charitable organization which I will give more background on in the coming days.  

But to quote my old grand dad - sometimes you have to put your fear of failure to one side, and dare to try and move the world (even in a small way) so here is my best effort:

Let's work together to end human trafficking.  And believe it or not, my request to you is small in terms of your commitment.  I am challenging every watch brand out there who feels that they can afford it, to select one model or product family, and commit 1% of the profits from the sales as a donation to a foundation to fight human trafficking.  Now, I know what you're thinking - WIFM?  (or as we used to say at Starbucks, What's in it for me?")  Well, to be honest, it is the chance to do something good for people who are helpless.  And maybe I need to put this more starkly -  what if it was your daughter or son?  Does it seem important to you now?

Now, having walked around BaselWorld and seeing the sheer scale of spending... no offense, you can afford it, and there is still an upside - charitable contributions help your tax situation ; )

I'm all in - who is with me?

You know where to reach me.


James Henderson
Chief Messenger
Tempus Fugit Media

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