Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why Can't Every Day be Friday...

I guess it can!
Courtesy of Seven Friday
This is the P1 from SEVENFRIDAY.  I have to give full marks to Frank Geelen and his crew at Monochrome for turning me onto these guys.  The model pictured above is the P1.  And the outfit putting out these "groovalicious" timekeepers is called SEVENFRIDAY - and I have to say that their's is a manifesto that I can get behind - every day should be as awesome as Friday.

The P1 is constructed of stainless steel and amply sized at 47 x 47.6 mm.  The engine driving the P1 is Miyota's 8257 which allows for an open balance wheel to be displayed.  SEVENFRIDAY refers to the inspiration behind the P1 as "Industrial Essence" - and that is evident in the design and the materials used.

So where are these folks based?  Well Switzerland, of course ; )
Yes, it is a bit unexpected, but that is another thing in SEVENFRIDAY's favor - to swim against the stream and try something different!

Available for direct purchase from the company via their website, and quite reasonably priced at $891.46 US!


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