Monday, March 18, 2013

Style Icons - the Naldis

When I first started this little blog, the inspiration was the Sartorialist - and what Coco Channel said, that in essence she didn't want to be some thing, she wanted to be some body.    I try to look to that ideal in watch making (and related disciplines) when writing my daily musings.

And when I think about living your life and being "you" I think of the Naldis - at least the two Naldis I know - Carlo and his son Samuel.
Carlo Naldi
Yes, I've lived in Tokyo, Europe, and the US.  I think I'm pretty sophisticated - massive miscalculation when I travel to Europe and am re-acquainted with what sophistication really is.  Carlo and his son are he real deal - and I am encouraging the Sartorialist to come and check them out.

Samuel Naldi
I am, a bumbling Northern Youth (albeit a not so youthful one) - hoping to shed some insight into watches, fashion and "what's it", and I have to say that the Naldis embody fashion, and form and LUXURY.  But not in the way that luxury is exclusive, or a private club that you are not allowed to join.  No, the Naldis are warm, friendly and some of the nicest people you will ever meet.  And they have an eye for beauty and quality which has allowed them to create some of the most beautiful pens that you may ever be lucky enough to write with.  And the price of admission to the Naldi's club?  A good heart, an appreciation for beauty and an open mind.  Seems pretty fair to me.  Because the Naldis understand something important - it's about people.

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