Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stop the Ivory Trade

Yes, I realize that this is supposed to be about watches - but I have had enough, and I'm sick to my stomach.  Many of you who read this blog may, in fact, own ivory.  I want to be clear - I am not judging you.  But I want to ask everyone who reads this blog to consider how that ivory is "extracted".

If you have any illusions about where your ivory comes from, I think it is time to wake up and stop kidding yourselves.  It is obtained from the illegal hunting, slaughtering and trading of an endangered species.  This killing is carried out be people living in the depths of poverty who really have few other choices.  But the people BUYING this ivory can not only afford it, but live in realities where they do not have to contemplate such acts to feed themselves or their families.

I have lived in a lot of countries, and I have often been reminded that cultural differences must be respected.   I am not judging your culture.  I am, however, judging your humanity.  Elephants are disappearing at an alarming rate.  Your grandchildren may never see a living one.  We are supposed to be the superior beings on this planet - and yet we kill and destroy in the name of vanity.  If you believe the merchant telling you that the ivory you bought was from an already dead elephant - you have it half right - they had to kill the elephant to get the ivory.  They then leave the hacked-up elephant to rot in the sun.

So it is time for the second Tempus Fugit Initiative - stop buying ivory, and then by not buying ivory, we might help to stop the ivory trade.  There are no excuses - there is only avarice, greed and vanity - three things we can all live without.  And if there is a watch company out there who wants to lend their hand to this effort - let us hear from you.

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