Thursday, March 28, 2013

"It's a Cinderella Story..." the Trans Atlantic TA3 from Jaermann & Stübi

Bill Murray (as Carl Spackler): "Cinderella boy. Outta nowhere. A former greens keeper now about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mirac... It's in the hole! It's in the hole! It's in the hole!"  
courtesy of Caddyshack

Of the many things you may not know about me - I pretty much grew up working in a country club.  My father managed a country club in Northern Ohio in the 70s, and 80s and along with my sisters I went to work as soon as I was 13.  And my first job at the Elyria Country Club was as a caddy.  And I remember more than a few instances where scores magically reduced themselves as a certain member adjusted his score card while the other members of the foursome were enjoying a beer or three at the half-way house after playing the front nine.  They could have used a watch like this -
Courtesy of Jaermann & Stübi
This is the Trans Atlantic TA3 from Jaermann & Stübi.  And who are Jaermann & Stübi?  Two guys who love golf and wanted a mechanical watch they could wear while playing.  They created a watch with the hope of helping honest players keep their scores correctly... and possibly helping keep less honest players, well... more honest ; )

I suspect that I would not be able to do justice in describing the functions, so here is how the folks at Jaermann & Stübi explain how it all works -

A table on the rotary bezel of this model shows the most common golfing distances in both meters and yards. The Trans Atlantic model has a mechanical counter for the number of strokes at the hole to be played, a totalizer for the overall score after 18 holes played and a retrograde display for the hole being currently played. The rotary bezel allows players to compare their scores after a round of golf with their handicaps.

Courtesy of Jaermann & Stübi
The case is 44 mm, stainless steel with a brushed and polished finish.  It comes with a built-in shock absorber for the watch movement and complication, and the back is secured with 8 screws and engraved.  Scratch-resistant sapphire glass, and a rotating bezel with ceramic ball bearings for handicap comparison complete the package.  And the strap is available in either rubber or leather.

The shock absorption is a very important aspect of this watch.  Contrary to what many ads will show their sponsored pro golfers wearing - the act of striking a golf ball, with a golf club, while wearing a mechanical watch is very, very detrimental to the health of an mechanical watch movement.  It's nice to see a watch company putting their customer first!

Carl Spackler (and Bill Murray for that matter) would love this watch!

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  1. Thanks James for this post. Many customers know you should not play with a mechanical watch, even though many brands have a golf ambassador.
    Jaermann & Stuebi made a watch for golfers; can be used on the course, but also looks good with jeans or a suit. And the watch is finished with a love for details. If you wear it, you will have your golf passion around your wrist and a short way to discussing golf with whoever you meet.