Friday, March 29, 2013

Going into Extra Time with the Eterna Tangaroa Moophase Chronograph

When reviewing a watch like this, it is (literally) quite easy to lose track of time.  It simply does not want to leave my wrist ; )

Having said that I have requested a few extra days and the nice folks at Eterna have very kindly agreed.

So onto today's topic - the "control panel".

The majority of the Tangaroa's functions can be managed via the crown and the two chronograph pushers.  They are solid, and very tactile.  The push pieces function incredibly smoothly, all counters reset smoothly and precisely - no drag or delay.

The crown  is substantial without being overwhelming.  It is the perfect balance to the watch itself - not too big, not too small, but to quote my favorite watch reviewer - "just right".

Were wrapping up over the next three days - stay tuned!

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