Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Easter Appeal

Every year I contact Blacpain's North American office and try to get a BaselWorld appointment.  Every year I get the sound of "crickets" as a response - i.e. nothing!  But despite all of that, they do make some beautiful watches - in particular the Villeret collection.

Well, hate the "game", not the "player"... maybe next year.

So in the spirit of renewal and hope that Easter is supposed to bring  -

Courtesy of Blancpain
This is from the Villeret collection.  It is a complete calendar with moonphase - and I have to say that I particularly like that Blancpain has made the moon a bit more animated as the "man in the moon" shining benevolently down on us.

And what is particularly nice about this piece is that Blancpain designed the case to have the "correctors" (the things you push for adjusting the calendar dates, etc.) UNDER the lugs of the watch.  Out of site and tidy.  I like that!

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