Friday, March 8, 2013

A Great Night for Graham and the LA Kings at Westime`

Okay, so my life actually doesn't suck!  This evening found me rubbing shoulders with watch fans, some famous people - and some of the Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings!

Now for those of you in Southern California who have not visited Westime - treat yourselves!  It is a beautiful store and it was the perfect venue for this evening's event.   And don't worry, I'm getting to the watches - but have you ever met a famous personality and been, well - let down?  Not so much tonight!    Graham has really found some true ambassadors to be proud of.
Okay, so back to watches - this one of the LA King's limited edition Graham watches.

And of course the other pieces from Graham's collection -

But what I really enjoy about events like this is that you really get a chance to see what it really looks like when a brand and retail partner connect with their customer.

And if you think this was another one of those stuffy affairs, guess again -

It would seem that Graham attracts a diverse and passionate following!

Graham not only brings a smile to the face...

but right down to your finger tips!

So I'll leave you with some images of a brand and retail partner actively engaging with their customers - what a concept!

So a big thank you to Graham, Westime and the LA Kings!  
Enjoy your watches!

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