Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Techne's Re-Edition of the 2009 SparrowHawk Original

This just in from Techné  -
Courtesy of Techné
Four years after the release of 100 numbered pieces, Techné Instruments is proud to announce a re-edition of the 2009 SparrowHawk original (Ref. 373). Inspired by cockpit instruments, the SparrowHawk is powered by an authorized Chinese reproduction of the legendary Swiss Vénus 175 chronograph.

The new edition features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on the front, and a total of 100 pieces have been produced in brushed 316L steel while another 100 pieces received a matte surface finishing complemented with a black coating. Numerous collectors ordered the watch ahead of time and contributed to the design by asking to have an aged-looking luminous coating on the hands and indexes.

Courtesy of Techné
In the early 1960's, China's biggest watch factory purchased rights and blueprints of a Swiss chronograph from the Venus Watch Company, Switzerland. Until that transaction the Vénus 175 had been used by prestigious Swiss brands such as Breitling, Candino, Cortébert, Cyma, Minerva, Rodania or Tavannes.

Similar to high-end mechanical chronographs, the ST1901/Vénus 175 construction uses a column-wheel to synchronize the start, stop and reset functions. To this day, the column-wheel is viewed by connoisseur as a sign of good design and fine craftsmanship.

The modern reproduction from Tianjin Seagull receives the finest balance springs of the country, which allows Techné to fine-tune the watch in their Swiss workshop to run within Chronometer rates (-4 to +6 seconds per day). High-end mechanical watches from Breitling, Omega and Rolex are required to perform within these margins.

To reflect the high precision of this timepiece, the dial and the case back feature Techné's Opus Manufactum label, which is Latin for "hand worked".

All Techné watches are assembled and inspected by hand in the factory, and all mechanical watches are individually inspected and fine-tuned by one-man-band Franck J., who handles the design, marketing, logistics, correspondence and after-sales service of the brand.

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