Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Field Trip - JEANRICHARD - and Exceeded Expectations

The Pros from Dover - Paul Erhardt Sales Director (North America) Giancarlo Mantuano International Sales Director
So today saw me hop in the Rabbit and beat a hasty path to get acquainted with some of the new collection from JEANRICHARD - along with their North American Sales Director Paul Erhardt, and their International Sales Director Giancarlo Mantuano.  These nice fellows were in my neck of the woods to share the latest offerings.  And most particular on my wish list to see were various examples of the Terrascope.
And, well, your's truly got to try one on.  And I can honestly say that this is one of the very few times in recent memory where my extremely high expectations were, in fact, exceeded!  The Terrascope is, to my my way of thinking, one of THE most complete watches out there.  Now keep in mind, I write about watches every day.  GMTs, repeaters, perpetuals, etc.

But we've forgotten about the good old days when we just had one watch.  Lately it seems that we need:
A chronograph - preferably at least 2 - sporty and dress
A dive watch
A sport watch - because apparently the above two don't quite cover it
A dress watch
But what if you could have only one?

Okay, fair enough - no chronograph.  BUT - this is a watch that covers nearly all of what you would want a watch for.  Clean, sporty - but at the same time elegant.  You can certainly swim with it, or put on a jacket and go to work - or put on a suit and go out to dinner.  In a time where it seems we feel the need for four or five different watches to feel "complete" somehow - this watch everything you really need.

So I re-assert my earlier post - this could - and damn it, should - be considered as a watch of the year.  It is not "crazy" expensive, weighing in under $3,000 on the strap, and a wee bit over that with a bracelet.    
The Terrascope offers a very BIG bang for the buck.

And as I promised (BIG P) not to run off with it, I was allowed to revel in the experience of wearing a new Terrascope for an hour or so.  And this is one of the few times when I can say without fear of future reconsideration - IF you have some means, but not crazy money, this is THE watch for you.  You will cover all of your bases.  You can potentially have the option of a bracelet, leather - and even a rubber strap.  One watch to cover several situations.
It is an amazing watch!  Sadly the watch will not make you magically handsome, but at least my left wrist looked good!

Now in addition, they had some of the manufacture movement pieces -

And this watch - the one pictured here - center second, numbers alternating with indices, discreet date.  This is my dream watch.  Some day!  But for the here and now, and for those of you out there with enough disposable income for ONE truly great watch - the Terrascope should be the top of your list!

A very sincere thank you to Paul Erhardt, and Giancarlo Mantuano for their time today.

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