Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rewarding Good Deeds - STOWA

This is an announcement from STOWA regarding a chance to win a Marine Chrono!

Courtesy of STOWA
Now you can win a STOWA Marine Chrono!

STOWA Advent Calendar 2012 - December 24 th
Today, at the 24th of December, as a final of our advent calendar, we have a very special surprise for all our customers.

We raffle a Marine Chronograph with a value of 1.730,- Euros.(,showrub,135630150616356,de,1356303854-1856,zubehoer.spezielle_angebote,,,,.htm)

This watch is contemporary nominated to be the watch of the year at the selection Goldene Unruh 2013. ( participate and win valuable prizes!) 

In fact, we wanted to raffle this watch in combination with a donation proof.
(the idea was, that everyone donating an amount x to a welfare organization gets the right to participate)

However, the worldwide legal situation for such events is too differently and so it lead us to another idea.

We trust our STOWA-customers!

To participate, its enough to send us an e-mail to the following address:

It would be nice to write us, to which person or organization you donated as we want to publish the winners good deed.
If you want, you can also tell us the amount of money but both informations are optional.

Therefore, if you have not donated yet this year, do it now and send us an email afterwards.

As we dont have the legal right for an evidence of your donation, we simply appeal to your moral and goodwill. :-)

Hence, wed like to express that the worldwide STOWA-family stands together.

At the 8th of January we will then determine the winner among all who had sent us an email.

So, participate, donate and help at the end of the year, do others a favor - STOWA will then give you the chance to win a valuable watch.

In advance, thank you very much for your donation - no matter where it is going to!

Your STOWA-team

All emails which we get up to and including the 7th of january and which contain your complete address will be considered for the raffle on January 8th. As already said it would be nice if you tell us, where your donation went to. But be sure that this is only voluntary!

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