Friday, December 28, 2012

Searching for Biver - Part 1

So we are almost at the new year.  2012 has been full of surprises and developments - comings and goings.  A few more "goings" are sure to be announced shortly.  But with all of the day to day noise, new products, anniversaries, break-through technologies... I am still waiting for the next great communicator out there.  I know she or he is out there somewhere.  I have said many times before, Jean-Claude Biver is perhaps the "most perfect creature" when it came to making a watch company into something from virtually nothing.  It was not just the message - but the messenger.  You can have great and interesting products, but you also need that evangelical zeal to get people excited about it.  You not only have to get people's attention, but you have to hold it.

So who will we hear big things from in the coming year?

I think certainly Vincent Perriard might actually fit the bill.  Now in fairness, HYT at the moment is very much a work in progress - but the progress so far has been impressive.
Courtesy of HYT and Chronopassion
I think that what is exciting about HYT is that Vincent Perriard is EXCITED ABOUT IT.  So I might be premature here, but I think 2013 could be the break-out comeback year for Vincent.  Now the bigger challenge will be to see where he can grow HYT from here.  Stay tuned!

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