Thursday, November 8, 2012


Okay, something quite extraordinary arrived this morning.  Ordinarily, I would not interrupt a review, but as this is a pretty once in a lifetime opportunity, I have decided to move forward with it.
Courtesy of Meridian
Those of you who follow the watch forums might have already heard a bit about Meridian.  Some conversation, possibly even some schematics - but no "official" image or briefing. 

I would like to introduce you to the Meridian MP-05

And as I am not famous for my photography - here is an official image:
Courtesy of Meridian
This is a 46 mm HAND MADE watch!  Each case is made in England - Norwich to be precise.  Each case is manufactured by hand - not stamped, scooped, etc - but one at a time.  Each case and back are cut and machined as a pair "in house" from a solid bar of stainless steel in their Norwich facility.  The cases (front and back) are then hand polished, or grained to provide the individual finish of each watch.
Courtesy of Meridian
And the finish is phenomenally good!  But what I like about it is knowing that it is truly done by hand - this is not a mass-produced item, this is something truly done one at a time.

This is a wonderfully proportioned, substantial case - 46 mm.  And the finish and attention to detail are evident in every step.  From the crown -
To the case back -

All done by hand.  And that also includes the watch hands -
Courtesy of Meridian
Which come out looking like this -

And the straps are all made in England and are top-notch!
Even the buckle is made by hand - one at a time!

This is a hand-wound beauty, conceived from a "Unitas" ebauche, and then built up and fussed over.  I have requested an image of the movement in its finished condition and will post as soon as I have it.

This is just a quick run-down to keep up with events - Meridian officially launched at Salon QP in London about 1 hour ago - so this is the first one in North America - I guess it's pretty good to be me!

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