Monday, October 15, 2012

What's Wrong with Esquire's Black Book - part 5

Well, as of yet I have not received a steaming box of dog poop from the offices of Esquire, so hopefully we are still friends ; )

I actually wanted to say that all things being equal, Esquire does a fine job - but I only wish that they and GQ and others would go a little deeper.  I certainly understand that you have to keep your advertisers happy - and I respect that relationship.  And maybe, just maybe... this is why people like me do what we do - to try and help fill in the picture.

So in that spirit - I give you Eberhard

With 125 years under their belts, this is one of the truly legitimate watch making firms in the world.

And one of the watches that just SCREAMS Eberhard to me is the Tazio Nuvolari!

Courtesy of Eberhard
To be clear, Eberhard is at the forefront of a lot of wonderfully exciting developments - and some fantastic new products.  But when you are a watch company that is so steeped in history and tradition, it is hard not to look back on your iconic models. 

So Esquire, GQ, Details - get to know Eberhard!

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