Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's Wrong with Esquire's Black Book - part 4

Again, apologies for delays!  On to part 4 -

Courtesy of Dubey & Schaldenbrand
Dubey & Schaldenbrand are perhaps one of the most iconic, albeit "under the radar" brands out there.  If you are looking for a brand with history, innovation, consistency and LEGITIMACY - look no further.  For me, it is the touneau style cases that have always carried the day.  But what I like the most about Dubey & Schaldenbrand is that they have stayed true to their past, while continuing to move forward.

And if you think that people don't love these watches, allow me to put forth this example -

I met this gentleman at another luxury watch brand's event.  We talked a fair bit about watches in general.  He shared some insights on his collection - quite impressive and substantial.  What I really liked about talking to this fellow was his unabashed, genuine interest.  For him, he said he didn't do tons of research.  He didn't know the company histories inside and out, who used what movement, etc. Might be interesting for some, but not for him.

He said the one thing that I wish every watch collector, PR person, and watch company executive would take to heart -
"I buy what I like".

I agree sir!

So Esquire - next time you're profiling watches - dig a little deeper and check out Dubey & Schaldenbrand.

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