Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Traversetolo - what's in a name?

So as you know, I am now a full week in with my fantastic Eberhard Traversetolo.  The time keeping has been quite good - best day so far was +4 seconds, the worst +7.

So as you can imagine, I got to wondering where the naming convention came from.  I decided to do some homework on my own without asking the folks at Eberhard (although I suspect that I will hear from them shortly) - and here's what I came up with.

Traversetolo is a municipality in the Province of Parma, Italy - this is according to Wikipedia, so it must be true ; )

Having said that, feel free to drop me a line if you know the real answer.  Former and current Eberhard employees are welcome to give feedback as well.  I will give it until Friday, then ask for help from the source.

So here are a few images - of the watch!

A tribute to "SIDEWAYS" as I'm in Santa Barbara
I think what keeps speaking to me about this watch is the semi-hybrid feel it has.  Yes, it is the same size, shape, movement, dial layout as the other Traversetolos, but it has a more modern look and feel.  Almost slightly Bauhaus.  The white dial is almost porcelain in its appearance, and the polished stainless steel markers and hands offer a wonderful counterpoint.
And while I am a die-hard fan for the "classic" black and white Traversetolo models of recent vintage, this one was just that little bit different.  The red accents on the dial and with the strap stitching give it that extra little something.  This is still an Eberhard Traversetolo, there can be no doubt.  But it is a wonderful variation.  Clearly the same family, but not every brother and sister look alike - nor should they!

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  1. hello I'm Italian from what I know the name given to the traversetolo ebherard was made in honor of a jeweler who was killed during a robbery on 12/16/1991 at 19:30 in her jewelry in the small town of traversetolo.