Friday, October 19, 2012

Three Days in Santa Barbara with Hanhart

This past weekend, Hanhart USA in the person of Anthony Siragusa did a bit of barnstorming here in Santa Barbara. It was a three-day Hanhart-fest at 33 Jewels. And for those three days, there was perhaps the largest collection of Hanhart watches and stop watches "in captivity".

And the local watch enthusiasts were out in force.   

And what was really great about these three days was the level of customer engagement. Anthony Siragusa really seems to understand the importance of making those personal connections with the ACTUAL CUSTOMER.

And I am pleased to say that I still have most of the old "moves" from my Tourneau/DOXA days!

Spoiler alert -

33 Jewels at El Paseo is the newest Hanhart Retail partner!

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