Friday, October 19, 2012

The First Fifteen Days with MY Eberhard Traversetolo

So I often get the question - what is your favorite watch?  A little like "which is your favorite child?"  My parents, by the way, had no difficulty in answering that question... let's just say I've learned to try a little harder ; )

At any rate, one of my all-time favorite watches is Eberhard's Traversetolo.  In a phenomenally good year, apart from the beautiful SWATCH that Wendy might gift me with, I only really have enough pocket money to occasionally consider a new watch.  So after about 7 months of fighting the homeless for empty bottles and cans to return (KIDDING!), I was able to save enough for one of my all - time favorites!

So this 15 days is different than the other reviews where I return the watch to its rightful owner.  This one is all mine - so let's get started!  The First Fifteen Days with MY Eberhard Traversetolo begins NOW!

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