Monday, October 8, 2012

15 Days with Frederique Constant's Index Moonphase - What Moves You?

So needless to say, this is about movements.  Point of clarification - Frederique Constant have started to make their own movements.  I realize that this is not news to most.  In fact, they've been doing this for some time - and once again I point to that defender of all that is right in the watch world - the Watch Snob - who along with NOMOS feels that Frederique Constant although being "affordable" are worthy of your attention.  I think more than worthy, but Signor Watch Snob has about 4 times as many readers as yours' truly, so I am no one to fly in the face of public opinion.

At any rate - movements.  Not labor, not political, not socio-economic, but rather watch movements.  And in this instance, my understanding is that this is a Selita base with a module for the moon phase/pointer date.  And it works FLAWLESSLY!

Here's the thing - and I mean this sincerely - I do not want more complex relationships in my life!  Keeping track of step-parents alone is daunting enough in this modern era.  And that goes for my watch!  I want to be able to set it, wind it, put it on, and not &*#!+^g worry about it.  And this is what is so wonderfully refreshing about this watch.  One crown, no push buttons, no need for little "semi-secret" crevices to use a pin to adjust the day or moon phase.  It actually couldn't be easier:

Position 1 - screw-down crown
Position 2 - unscrew crown/winding
Position 3 - set date or moon phase (clockwise for one, counter clockwise for the other).
Position 4 - set time

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!  This is BLISSFULLY simple and wonderfully easy to use!

Yes, I have a post graduate degree, but certainly not in engineering!  Thank you Frederique Constant for making something practical and useful - that is still truly elegant!

I have BEGGED for an extra three days, and Frederique Constant have given me until this Thursday to wrap this up.

We are now current at an average of + 5 seconds per day.

Stay tuned!

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