Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday - Anything Can Happen Day

Okay, I realize that not all of you had the benefit of sitting in a Northern Ohio living room in the dead of winter watching 20 year old, black and white re-runs of the Mickey Mouse Club.  Moreover, probably not realizing they were re-runs because you had a black and white television!  But every day had a theme - and Wednesday was (and for me still is) "Anything Can Happen Day".

So in the spirit of that, ask yourself this question -
How would you like to own a watch company... or at least a stake in one?

Courtesy of DuBois et Fils
Then allow me to introduce you to the man who could help make your dream a reality!  This is Thomas Steinemann who recently took the reins at DuBois et Fils.

And this is not any old watch company - these are some folks with some historical "bona fidas" - DuBois et Fils has what is reputed to be the oldest watch factories - and a very long tradition of making watches as well, going back as far as 1751!

Don't believe me?  Check this out -

Okay, so that's the old.  So what?  There are plenty of old watch houses out there.  

Well, in 2010 Thomas Steinemann became the owner of DuBois et Fils.  But instead of just going on as before, he and his team decided to take the time to really study the situation, and they temporarily ceased production and distribution.  And now they are preparing to re-launch in 2013 with a whole new approach.  There will be a somewhat new look and feel to DuBois et Fils including a new logo, a new marketing and distribution strategy and of course - new watches.
Courtesy of DuBois et Fils
This is not going to be mass production - these will be limited edition models only, fewer than 100 pieces per model.

So what?  What's this got to do with me?  I'm glad you asked!  

Through a "Crowd Funding" project, DuBois et Fils is offering different levels of share purchase options.  

The one clear benefit is the opportunity to purchase DuBois et Fils watches directly from the factory at a minimum discount of 50% off of the retail price.  So it would seem that membership does have its privileges.
Courtesy of DuBois et Fils
 Want to know more?  Read all of the details here -

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