Monday, September 17, 2012

Steel - with Titanium! 15 Days with Arcadia Continues

I am now approaching the finish line with my 15 day review.  I will be going into "extra" time owing to a nasty ankle injury which has delayed my posting - apologies to you all.
I think I might be alone on this one, so forgive me if you disagree, but... I am well and truly tired out with the carbon craze.  Carbon is neat, nifty, space age, etc. - it is not, however, permanent.  Metal, on the other hand, metal has a certainty to it, and steel and titanium are the REAL DEAL.
So the edging pieces on the opposite side of the case, as well as the "pushers" are titanium.  The other aspect of the push pieces that I particularly love is that the pieces themselves literally "emerge" from the side of the case - almost as if they were individual pieces.  This effect is quite impressive - visually striking, while wonderfully tactile.  Strong, secure and functional.  And I apologize as the quality of the photos as they in no way, shape or form do this justice.  You really have to see it and feel it to really appreciate it.  7 different watch enthusiasts tried the watch on and said the same thing - "oh, it's not a real chronograph, the dials are just decoration."  They have never seen pusher buttons like these, and until they actually start using them - they assume that they are not real working chronograph buttons, but merely decoration!  Let me assure you pals and gals, this is a really cool set-up.  Look and feel, sure, but also form and function!

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