Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Something Old - Something New!

In the time that I have been doing this blog, I have met a lot of people in the watch industry.  Some more interesting than others.  I have to say that the brief chat I had with Thomas Ickler and his son Raphael over a hurried coffee at Basel was illuminating.  What I heard over and over in what they both were saying was how important it was to make something interesting.  Now, I would also say that they are both realists - but to some extent they are also dreamers - and in the BEST possible way!  
Courtesy of Archimede
This is the ARCHIMEDE Pilot OR 2 - a limited edition of 100 pieces.  This is the second iteration of the Pilot OR - issued in 2008.  That model sold out in a hurry, but for those of you who missed out, you have a second bite at the apple!

This is a classic pilot's watch with its heart rooted in another time - quite literally!  The mechanical heart that keeps this beautiful timekeeper beating is not what you might expect - the JH687 manufactured in 1960 by Junghans!
Courtesy of Archimede 
Here are the details -

New features of the OR2 include:
- New 3 piece Ickler case with brushed surface
- New Pilot's crown with logo
- Case back with 5 single screws
- Flat sapphire with A/R coating on both sides
- Option for a curved sapphire crystal with A/R coating on both sides
- Blued steel hands, manufactured by Ickler
- Superluminova C3

And I think one of my favorite things - you get to deal directly with the company!

The limited edition ARCHIMEDE Pilot OR 2 is available direct from ARCHIMEDE for
International customers for Eur 740 (leather strap) and Eur 860 (steel bracelet), plus shipping costs

US customers for US$ 1080 (leather strap) and US$ 1250 (steel bracelet), including shipping and US duties.

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