Friday, July 13, 2012

TERRANAUT Funding Project

As a watch blogger, I am frequently writing about big brands with big budgets.  But every now and then it's fun to hear (and write) about the smaller groups out there trying to make something new and different.

The folks at TERRANAUT are trying to get a new watch packaging option off the ground, and are looking for backers.  This is your opportunity to take part in a watch companies expansion, and there are nice little incentives for those who participate.

Here is what the hoped-for product will look like:

So in the interest of helping spread the word - here is the info:

Video Presentation:

Link to the site to read more

And here's their pitch -

Crowd-Funding Project for new British XL Watch Brand

XL watches are now a well-established trend. But our customers complained that many oversized watches are just too extreme to wear every day — they were spending a small fortune but only wearing their watch a few times per year.

So, as sales of its £1000+ timepieces dwindled, a British-based watch distribution company — which has spent the past 9 years sourcing and selling premium luxury watches — began work on a new mid-market watch brand.

After two years in development, we are pleased to present our brand; TERRANAUT and its first collection; the XL 50MM. TERRANAUT is the oversized watch that excels in wearer comfort. The RRP will be around £299.

Now, we need your help to perfect our offering. You can get involved today at:

The opportunity to participate in our crowd-funding project ends on Sunday 5th August. So, get hold of your TERRANAUT before everyone else and save up to 60% off RRP!

Exclusive features of the XL 50MM you won’t find on other watches for this price:

• Lugs retracted behind the watch case to give a ‘footprint’ on the wrist that feels like you’re wearing a much smaller watch

• Extra-long strap with deep padding — as standard — fabricated by a specialist watch strap maker

• Carbon fiber dial with C3 SuperLuminova™ shows the timing functions loud-and-clear, day-or-night

• Never-before-seen — Glow-in-the-Dark — leather strap in development

• ABS shockproof & water-resistant storage case — at no extra cost — when you get your XL 50MM at

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