Monday, July 2, 2012

Red, White and Turbine!

This is one of Perrelet's latest limited editions -

This is Perrelet's Limited Edition AMERICA!  One of the newest members of the Turbine XL collection, this 50 mm version incorporates Perrelet's now famous double rotor technology.  The front "rotor" has been re-imagined to form a 12 blade wheel, or turbine.  As we know, the rotor of a self-winding watch turns and spins to help wind the movement - creating and storing power.  But you never really see it in action, as it is behind the dial.  Perrelet has taken the necessary and expanded upon it - taking something strictly functional, and making it both beautiful and fascinating.  The second "rotor" is in fact, part of the watch dial itself.  As the rotor spins, it reveals the stars and stripes of old glory in a constantly changing motif.

Courtesy of Perrelet
Here's the info straight from Perrelet -

Perrelet has taken the American flag to create a whole new interpretation of their famous double rotor technology. When the designers began to work on the AMERICAN LIMITED EDITION, they played with a deconstructed perspective of the American flag, and the results are stunningly graphic and distinctively iconic of images from comic books. Figures dressed in stars and stripes and pin ups with skirts blazing take the spotlight.

The Turbine collection's signature 12-blade wheel rotates over a dial painted with the red and white stripes of the American flag. Make it twirl and the colors begin a wild dance, performing endlessly varied random figures. Everything is a question of speed and nothing can be perfectly reproduced in an identical manner. Optical effects follow on from each other in rapid-fire succession in the center of an hour circle punctuated by blue squares bearing white stars. Divided into groups of eight or nine, there are 50 in total, exactly the number of states represented on the current American flag.

This is a very limited edition - only 777 pieces for you Yankee-Doodle-Dandies, so move sharply!

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