Saturday, July 14, 2012

DESIRE - The Traversetolo

Courtesy of Eberhard
Eberhard's Traversetolo is a watch that I feel very familiar with.  It is, to my way of thinking, one of the true classics, it is instantly recognizable.  Back in my time at Tourneau, it was the one watch I was able to sell to a Paneristi who came in looking for another Panerai.  He bought two Traversetolos instead.  He would have loved this one.

For many years, the Traversetolo has stayed somewhat the same - white or black, right hand or left.  But this version is something special.  This is different, slightly sportier, a tad more modern but still clearly the Traversetolo.  The DNA is there - a hand-wound watch, large and visible, almost like a pocket watch on the wrist.  The subtle tone of the hands and the markers is a fantastic touch.

I love the balance of the dial, the use of red accents both on the dial (and the strap!) adds a nice element,  and creates a new dimension to an old icon.

In a world crammed full of multi-function watches, there is something very reassuring about a hand-wound time only watch

It is official - I am obsessed!

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