Friday, July 20, 2012

A few announcements

As some of you long-term readers will know, this little "bloggy-wog" was created from a frustration over the manner in which watches were written about or discussed. 

My intention then was to have a blog where I could write about the watches and companies that interested me, and also focus more upon people in the industry.  Tempus Fugit is now past its second birthday and I want to thank all of you who take the time to tune in regularly for your continued support.  I would also like to thank the PR and marketing folks who have kept me in touch and supplied with story ideas.

One of the things that you will no longer be seeing here are "straight to press" press releases/announcements.  My new baby - ( is finally up and walking around on its own!  That end, there will be a return to the quest for content - not filler.  Having said that - for you news mavens out there seeking the latest breaking news, should be your new go-to site for the latest watch news updates.

Another thing you will start to see will be advertising.  It had to happen eventually!  You have my word to try and keep it tasteful and relevant!

Thank you again for your support over these past two years, and here's to the future!

Stay tuned -

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