Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Watches - it's hard not to be romantic

I have a friend who is special - he is special because unlike me, he too was a representative, a distributor, and most of all, a watch lover - and he did not lose faith.  He stayed in it.  He knew then - as I do now - there is something undeniably romantic about watches.  He is still in it - he reminds me every day about why I love this business.  He reminds me, it is hard not to be romantic about this stuff.

So today I want to talk about romance - no need to feel uncomfortable, this is the romance we feel for time and the things that measure them.

So today, I want to share some of the watches that stir my romantic inclinations -

Number 5 - Guillermin Mollet
The owner of Guillermin Mollet is another romantic - Sig.  Sig set out to recreate a watch that Cary Grant would have worn - and succeeded.   I own one - it is a fantastic watch.

Number 4 - Hanhart
This is the Hanhart Pioneer TachyTele with a white dial.  I am a proud owner of a Hanhart Pioneer MkI and I love it - but I can tell you that there is a serious hurt being put on my piggy bank right now to save for this guy.

Number 3 - Breguet
Courtesy of Breguet
No - I do not own one of these.  Some day... but not yet.  Note to self, Romance will no necessarily get you a Breguet.  Make MORE MONEY!

I LOVE this watch.  It represents everything that is good, and right in a watch.  Yes, beyond expensive for most of us mere mortals - and I consider myself one.  Special note for Breguet's hot n' spicy lawyers - I've credited you for the photo - and I've gone to your events and not consumed your liquor!  I'm your friend!

Number 2 and 1 come tomorrow - stay tuned!

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