Thursday, June 21, 2012

Strapping in the Airman

Straps - today it seems that there is either far too much, or far too little attention paid to the one item that ensures your watch will stay on your wrist. In some cases there is the belief that the strap must be crafted from a nearly extinct reptile, hand stitched by elves in a forbidden forrest... or that it must be so manly it would make arnold schwarzenegger blush.

Descriptons such as "lovingly hand crafted by artisans" to "tough enough to fight any battle" - ENOUGH!
How about a sane, rational and appropriate approach? Thank you Glycine!

A nice, branded (or embossed) logo on one of the strap loops, and a solid, funtional buckle bearing the Glycine name.
The strap also bears the name - AIRMAN. The finishing of the strap is first rate - the leather is smooth and flexible, not hard and tough. The white accent stitching is the perfect counter balance to the size of the strap. This is not an insubstantial strap with a 22mm lug width. But it is not big for big's sake. It is the right counter point to the proportions of the watch.
And most of all, it is a very comfortable strap to wear. The buckle is large enough to operate smoothly, but not so large that it over crowds the strap. Moreover, it is smooth and sits nice and flat along the underside of the wrist.

In all honesty, I was not sure how I'd feel about the strap when I first saw the Airman at BaselWorld, and later Las Vegas, but I must admit that I have grown very, very fond of it.

I've only got a few days left, and the next post promises to be illuminating!

Stay tuned!

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