Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The S*&T a that killed Elvis!

Okay, many of you know that I lived in San Francisco before moving down with my AMAZING wife, Wendy, to Santa Barbara.  The ULTIMATE watch man in San Francisco was Francis at Saragens.  He had a phrase to describe that which could not be described in watches - what I sometimes refer to as "unobtainium", for when Francis wanted to hip you to why a certain watch had it, he would take it out of the case, lay it on the counter and proclaim - "And this, this is the Sh__ that killed Elvis!"

Francis, you died far sooner than you should have.  You were smart, charming - a raconteur, but a benevolent one.   I do not write a post about a watch these days, where I do not take a few moments and seriously consider how you would have described it.  So this is for you -

Courtesy of Hautlence
This is the latest from Hautlence - the HLC 06.

41 mm, and limited to 88 pieces.  

Enjoy your watches!

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