Friday, June 22, 2012

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark!

Okay - this is the post I've really been waiting for! This is the Airman MLV in TOTAL BLACK OUT!

How often do you get excited about the promised luminescent qualities of a particular watch, only to be disappointed when the lights go out?  How often do you read in the instruction manual "hold the watch face under a strong light source for 35 seconds and ..."?  Honestly, is this part of your daily routine?  To park your arm under a flash light to charge watch lume?  Really?!

That is just WRONG-HEADED!  Well, the folks at Glycine are clearly RIGHT-HEADED!  The lume on the dial of the MLV glows like a torch as soon as you walk into a dark area.  No "pre-heating" required.  This is practical, because, in all honesty, do you generally travel around with a high-powered flashlight at any given time?  Police, fire and rescue workers notwithstanding, I feel the safe answer is no.  We live in the real world, and it is very clear that Glycine took this into account.  No-nonsense, performs exactly as advertised!

I wrap-up my review of the Airman MLV tomorrow - stay tuned!

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