Monday, June 18, 2012

The Airman MLV - a true world timer

Okay, so I am now in the final five days of my 15 day review.  And today's update is about ease of use.
As you can probably imagine, I get to play with a lot of other people's watches.  And owing to this, I have a fair number of opportunities to try out the functionality of a given complication.

In the case of the Airman MLV I can truly say that the additional time zone features are truly functional, uncomplicated complications!  This particular model of Airman operates on a standard 12 hour system for the main time, with a GMT feature (the red hand).  What I particularly like is the outer rotating bezel.  This indicates an additional time zone in a 24 hour scale.  The bezel itself is a bidirectional.  This is pretty standard for many other GMT watches, and many of them do not have a "clicking" bezel.  The Airman's bezel does not click, but thanks to the bezel locking crown, it does not need to!
Bezel lock open
Locking and unlocking the bezel couldn't be easier.  The crown is nice and tactile, and can be operated with very little difficulty - even while wearing the watch - and yes, I can attest to this personally.
Bezel lock closed
One of the bigger frustrations a multi-time zone watch can present is the ease with which you can undo or lose your chosen time zones. Not so with the Airman! All of your selected time zones are quite literally, "locked in"!

And unlike some other GMT watches out there, the crowns themselves are in proportion to the watch.  They are not inordinately large or bulky.  They are not "chunky" for the sake of looking "tough".

It often comes back to this for me - that the most elegant solution is, when you get right down to it, often times the most straight forward.

We had a wee variance over the weekend in time keeping - yesterday we were + 2 seconds.

We have a few days left, and wear your sunglasses for the next installment!

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