Monday, May 14, 2012

The Sturmanskie Gagarin 50th Anniversary - legibility

Something that is so easy to lose sight of - literally!  The face of your watch.  Is it clearly laid out?  Is it easy to read?  The Sturmanskie Gagarin 50th Anniversary is such a nice, refreshingly clear lay out and design.  Hours, minutes, seconds.   Bells, whistles, sub dials - they all have their place.  But sometimes you just want a watch.

And while we are on the subject of legibility - I have to mention the quality of the lume of this watch - it is truly impressive!  Not just the hands, but the numerals as well.  I am having to remind myself of the actual retail of this watch when I consider the wearing experience so far... it is underpriced.  I have tested quite a few watches at much higher price points that were not nearly as good.

The time keeping is still good - the past 72 hours we are at +4 seconds per day.

Stay tuned!

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