Friday, May 11, 2012

INDY 500 News from F.P. Journe

Jean Alesi has been keeping busy at the Brickyard!  He arrived earlier this week and is getting familiar with the track.
Courtesy of F.P. Journe

As a young man growing up in Northern Ohio, the 500 was one of those events that marked the calendar.  It marked the near beginning of summer, falling as it did the day before Labor Day.
Courtesy of F.P. Journe

Back then, the race was actually taped during the day, and broadcast at night. You had to avoid the news all day to avoid spoiling it when it came on. While I like being able to watch it live now, I sort of miss the build up and excitement. But that was another time.
Courtesy of F.P. Journe
Today the 500 belongs to the likes of Mr. Alesi!  Keep an eye out for him on May 27th!

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