Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catching up with Thomas Morf and Hanhart

James Henderson - Congratulations on another successful BaselWorld - what were some of the highlights to come out of the 2012 edition?

Thomas Morf - Well, everything we’ve presented was received extremly well. Starting from our revamped booth with all the decoration what Hanhart is all about, to the product novelties and the markets which show interest in the brand.  Now we need to follow up.

JH -  With the launch of the PRIMUS Dessert Pilot, it would seem that the rumors of the PRIMUS collection going away might be unfounded?

Courtesy of Hanhart

TM - The Primus line, although some hard core Hanhart fans see it different, is attracting many people due to its different design. So we’ve decided to present the Primus Desert Pilot. The feedback was phenomenal. Very cool……………..

JH - Obviously the Pioneer Stealth 1882 Limited Edition is an important piece for this anniversary year, but what are are one or two of the other interesting new models that people should know about?

TM - Well the Pioneer MonoScope single push button chronograph with the subdials on the outer edge, or the Pioneer Preventor9, a 3 hand model that’s based on a classic Hanhart with the small second at nine.

Courtesy of Hanhart
JH - Another piece of possible news - I heard that there might be a new distribution partner for North America?

TM - Yes, this is true, we’ve decided to work with a well known expert in the American market and we will be debuting Hanhart together with our new partner at Swiss watch by JCK. We already have very good appointments with retailers from across the country.

JH - And any truth to the buzz about a refurbished Hanhart Museum/Manufacture?  Anything you can share with us?

TM - The manufacturing side and a museum of a watch brand today is a very important thing.  It gives a brand legitimacy and credibility  That’s one of the reasons why we’re investing in our infrastructure and to improve the quality of our products with state of the art machinery, tools and processes.

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