Sunday, April 1, 2012

Timing with Vostok - the Brunch Test

As with many of you, I do not race sports cars or pilot a plane.  I do, however, cook and that requires a fair amount of time control.  As many of you out there will know and appreciate, yesterday was the Final Four showdown to determine which two college teams would advance to the finals of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament - March Madness has nearly run its course.  So last night I did some timing tests, and the Vostok-Europe Gaz-Limo Quartz Chronograph was bang on for every shot clock, 10 second and time out.  I realize that with a quartz watch time keeping is something that we tend to take for granted, but I have experienced some sloppy timing with others out there.  Vostok-Europe opted to utilize a Miyota quartz movement, and it is is a good choice.  

Of course, this morning it was up to me to prepare brunch for the lovely Wendy, and eggs in purgatory is my Sunday "go-to", although I added bacon "seasoned" with coffee beans, as well as a loaf of ciabatta  (with peppers and onion on top), and fired up the coffee maker - French Roast.

3 minutes to soften the onions - which today required an extra 46 seconds, 5 minutes for the tomatoes to "break down" and then 10 minutes for the eggs (requiring 9 minutes 52 seconds this time), with Wendy helping to "compartmentalize" the various eggs into their own "neighborhoods".  

Happy Sunday!

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