Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The PR All-Stars of Basel 2012 - Michelle Nombrado-Micheli

Walking through Hall 1 at BaselWorld, one of the very first "booths" you see is Concord's.  For me, booth is a bit of an understatement as many of these "booths" are bigger than my house here in Santa Barbara!  It can be a wee bit intimidating, well-dressed folks going in and out, and the strong suspicion that these folk must know something you don't.

My second year as a blogger visiting BaselWorld was rounded out with a visit to the Concord booth.  The timing of your appointments can be trouble -too early and everyone is waiting to talk to the "real writers", and too close to the end and everyone is exhausted and ready to go home.  Needless to say, I had my appointment with Concord on the final Wednesday in the afternoon!

Owing to the impressive booth, the name on the door, and the timing of my visit, I expected the brief chat, the exchange of business cards, (a quick espresso if I was really lucky!) and then on my way with a thumb drive of images.

And then I got another good example of what a real PR/Communications person does.  Michelle Nombrado-Micheli is the Communications Manager at Concord and she is FANTASTIC!  She took the time to go over the company history as well as recent developments, actually asked questions, and really COMMUNICATED about Concord.  Now I know, you could say "that's her job", etc., but having been through over 50 meetings I can tell you with all sincerity that a lot of people TALK about the watches or the company, some better than others, but only a handful of them truly communicate!

Yes, they are watches, but a watch cannot stand up and tell you about itself - it needs someone to help tell the story, and that story goes beyond the latest technology, latest advertising campaign, the latest spokesperson.  That message needs to come through communication - speaking and listening!

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